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Summer Camp

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 welcomes families with enrichment kids crave and parents can depend on from 8am to 6:30pm all summer long. Whether, you need need one $15 hour or the whole summer, everyday is a balance of fun, learning, mindfulness and more. Summer includes Tuesday Library Field Trips featuring the Big Entertainment program at nearby Schaberg, the Rose Garden and Fields at Red Morton Park. Reserve your fun today.

Ingenium will again host 11-14 yo Junior Counselors $200 per week who earn references and certificate. Look for limited space.

New Ingenium Outside

  • Organized Sports-Basketball, Baseball, Soccer & Football
  • Outdoor Free Play-Climbing Structure
  • Group Games-Treasure Hunts, Lawn Darts, Parachute Play, Water Balloons
  • Picnic, Yoga, Bug Searches, Sustainability Clean Up
  • Tuesday 4-5pm Schaberg Library Big Entertainment

Summer Camp Weekly Schedule

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 welcomes families with enrichment intensive and highly flexible camp days including extended hours from 8-6:30pm. Easy, complete meal plan add on. Come for one $15 hour or the entire summer – Ingenium provides enrichment full time with a purposeful program geared toward kids 5-12. Look for limited Junior Counselor space ages 11-14.


Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week One is Earthy ! Your Botanist will learn to grow upside down tomato plants, personalize a handprint stepping, sprout micro greens and learn about the diverse Seeds We Eat. Garden Patch will feature a Sensory Science Focus to highlight how we grow, why eating plants is vital for health and the physical world around us.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Two is Classified ! Your Detective will create top secret water color messages, decipher secret projects with decoder glasses, participate in a laser beam obstacle course and take part in a super secret spy mission. Secret Agent Week will feature a Reasoning Focus to truly challenge kids to develop fundamental critical thinking skills

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2019 Week Three is Deep ! Your Excavator will dig deep into understanding fossils, lost cities and treasures across the world. Archaeology Week will feature an indepth Prehistorian Focus to develop interest in Ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Vikings and sunken treasures. Campers will decode ancient writing, make a surface survey of a site and build a screen for sifting dirt for the Great Dig.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Four is Dramatic ! Your Thespian will develop acting, public speaking, creative thinking, leadership, networking, social, self confidence and self esteem skills with a Positive Life Approach Focus through drama and theatre activities like charades, puppets, plays, skits, stand up and improvisation. There will be silly business and laughter on and off the microphone.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Five is Waipah? ! Your Keiki will experience immersion in Island History, Food, Language and Arts. Mindful Movement will find kids learning the hula and working the limbo. Hawaiian Islands Focus will have campers explore marine life, island fresh foods and delve into how lava forms the islands from volcanoes, oceans and other geological transformations.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Six is Messy ! Your Artist will create multiple take home tie dye creations including a shirt, pillow case or socks, develop a personal narrative through a tracing art outline, and explore many other forms of experiential art. Art Splash Week will feature a Color Science Focus to more fully develop interest in the arts, techniques and famous art masters.

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2019 Week Seven is Tasty ! Your Chef will fashion meals, snacks, shakes, recipes, shopping, nutrition guides. Cooking Week focuses on Eating for Health to develop knowledge around how food intake choices directly affects wellness. Food Science discussions will encourage understanding of Farm to Table eating!

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Eight is STEAMy ! Your Scientist will engage in hands on experiments, learn about new technologies, experience engineering, create take home art projects, and use math to understand more about the world around them. Kids will experiment with bubbles, slime, vinegar, baking soda, corn starch and sweeteners.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Nine is Merry Making ! Your Circus Star will explore juggling, tumbling, mindful tight rope walking, bucket stilts, puppet theatre, balloon artistry, magic tricks and more in this delightful week with a FUN focus where clowning, costumes, outdoor play, jump rope and hula hoops make kids whoop and holler for the next day of excitement.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Ten is Explorative ! Your Innovator will explore catapults and trebuchets, create a kaleidoscope and delve into the explorations of inventors before them. Discoverers Week will have an Investigative & Creation Focus to develop out of the box, critical thinking skills innovative kids need to navigate todays vast world of highly available information

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2019 Week Eleven is Rhythmic ! Your Musician will learn new songs and practice their favorites with a group of fellow performers. Music Week Focus on the Senses to develop a multisensory approach to new information intake along with a spotlight on self expression. Daily adventures in karaoke, musical chairs, listening and concentration games.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2019 Week Twelve is Active ! Your Athlete will learn about karate and access an afternoon 30 minute martial arts lesson from a master. Martial Arts Week will feature a physical program with a Mindfulness and Movement Focus. Kids will learn about martial arts stars, belt levels, stances, vocabulary and self discipline.

June – August: Ingenium welcomes Junior Counselors in Training (JCIT) for all weeks of Summer Camp 2019. JCIT’s assist directly with younger campers ages 5-11. JCIT’s will help staff greet campers and families upon arrival, lead active games and projects, guide walking field trips, develop and maintain positive relationships with campers, ensure camper safety and sing, play, dance, laugh, lead, generally make camp a positive experience for all. JCIT’s are expected to be emotionally invested in providing positive developmental activities for younger campers. Four JCIT positions are available each week and friends are encouraged to apply together.

JCIT’s earn references and official certificate for service work.

Jun-Aug 2018: Junior Counselors in Training (JCIT) $200 per week

Full Day   

Reading & Reasoning Rally Summer Camp is a Fun Academic Program Enrichment Session – lead by Credentialed Teacher Maia – class time will focus on specific reading and mathematics skills improvement.