Summer Camp

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018

Welcomes families with enrichment intensive and highly flexible Summer Camp Programs serving extended hours weekdays 8am-6:30pm.
Easy, complete meal plan add on. Attend one $15 hour or the entire summer – we’ve got mindful enrichment available ALL DAY with a purposeful program geared toward kids 5-12+

Look for limited Junior Counselor space ages 11-14.

MEALS Breakfast,
Lunch or Dinner $10 each

Summer Camp Weekly Schedule

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week One is Earthy ! Your Botanist will build turtle herb planters, grow sweet potato plants, create edible plant cell chocolate chip cookies and learn about the diverse Seeds We Eat around the world. Nature’s Garden Patch will feature an in depth Sensory Science Focus to highlight how plants grow, why eating plants is vital for health and the green growing world around us. Music, cooking, and mindfulness activities will be nature based and Thursday’s walking field trip will be a gardening activity to the Rose Garden at Red Morton.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Two is Classified ! Your Agent will create top secret water color messages, their own walkie talkie, experience Morse Code projects, participate in a laser beam obstacle course and take part in a super secret spy mission. Cryptography Week will feature an in depth Reasoning Focus to truly challenge kids to develop fundamental critical thinking skills including sleuthing, inference making and deduction abilities. Code cracking books like Harriet the Spy will highlight Invisible Ink Pens project. Campers will stretch their imagination for a Photographic Memory live action Group Game Show. Thursday’s walking field trip is undercover at Key Market featuring a behind the scenes tour. A virtual field trip exploring Easter Island will intrigue campers with the world and the secrets still held.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Three is Messy ! Your Artist will indulge their inner artist creating a tie dye shirt or pillowcase, tin can wind chime, stained glass window catcher and develop a personal narrative through their own body tracing art outline – a highly stylized mindful introspection art intensive that kids individualize. Art Splash Week will feature an in depth Color Science Focus to develop long term interest in the arts, techniques and famous masters of art. Your kids will make choices in their creations that will fortify critical thinking and self expression. This day camp will encourage kids to reflect on their personal taste, ideas and inventions - the same thought processes used by todays great thinkers, inventors and innovators.

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2018 Week Four is Deep ! Your Excavator will dig deep into understanding fossils, lost cities and treasures across the world. Archaeology Week will feature an indepth Prehistorian Focus to develop reflective deduction in the physical remnants of ancient eras. Sounds deep ? It is ! Archaeologists will decode ancient writing, make a surface survey of a site, build a screen for sifting dirt and debris at a dig, count tree rings to date a find, learn techniques that unearthed Neanderthal caves, and pinpoint Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Five is Waipah? ! Your Keiki will experience immersion in Hawaiian Island History, Food, Language and Arts. Mindful Movement will find kids learning the hula and working the limbo, explore island marine life including lei and grass skirt making, kids will explore island fresh foods including pineapple, mango, soursop, papaya, coconut, poi and poke salad and delve into how lava forms the islands from volcanoes, oceans and other geological transformations. Hawaiian Islands Focus will expose campers to facts, trivia, symbols and interesting information including state nickname, abbreviation, date it joined the union, state number, bird, motto, flower, song, tree, mammal, fish, cities, capital and famous residents. Additional focus will include learning about islands around the world that are home to unique animal and plant species.

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2018 Week Six is Rhythmic ! Your Singer will learn new songs and practice their favorites with a group of fellow musicians. Music Week will feature an indepth Learning through the Senses Focus to develop a multisensory approach to new information intake along with a spotlight on self expression. Kids will encounter musical genres from classical to hip hop and the many types in between – Beethoven to Beatles to the Black Keys. Daily adventures in karaoke singing, musical chairs, listening and concentration games will make this week packed with Active Time and for quiet contemplation and mindfulness for key sounds and instrument recognition.
Thursday’s Walking Field Trip to Red Morton for a community recital will be shared with parents via email.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Seven is Dramatic ! Your Thespian will develop acting, public speaking, creative thinking, leadership, networking, social, self confidence and self esteem skills with a Positive Life Approach Focus through drama and theatre activities like charades, puppets, plays, skits, stand up and improvisation. There will be silly business and laughter on and off the microphone. Kids will use icebreaker games to determine which productions they’ll undertake and all twelve dramatic skills will be introduced - Focus, Tension, Timing, Rhythm, Contrast, Mood, Space, Language, Sound, Symbol, Conflict and Climax. Skits will be filmed for family viewing. Drama Week with feature Theatrical Performances culminating in two stage productions Thursday & Friday 5pm.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Eight is Deductive ! Your Chemist will engage in hands on experiments to clarify understanding of liquids, solids, energy, force, light, scientific terms and interactions. Rainbows to magnets will define an understanding of the Physical World Around Us Focus. Kids will learn about chemical elements, color mixing and growing polymers while creating reactions using bubbles, slime, vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, sweeteners and nitrous oxide for a variety of sometimes tasty experiments – and non tasty operations like soap and crayon making result in take home creations. Look for a Lemonade Stand at pick up time and that’s one potion parents and siblings can’t resist.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Nine is Different ! Your Movie Making Miner will step up their game with expert instruction from the Prospectors at Techsplosion. Movie Makers will use cameras and Minecraft characters to create actual stop-motion animation movies. Fight the wither, build out Overworld in pixel art all while creating, filming, editing and uploading real-life sets. Active Play programs including Mindfulness and Movement activities complement desk time where everyone will be encouraged to stand rather than sit, as desired. Movie Makers is defined by a Confidence in Imagination Focus, kids will enhance story writing skills, engage their visual imagery, and culminate a sense of themselves in their movie production. Thursday Walking Field Trip to Red Morton for Tai Chi in the Rose Garden.

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Ten is Explorative ! Your Innovator will explore catapults and trebuchets, create a kaleidoscope, delve into the explorations of 19th Century Explorer, Kit Carson and his adventures in the Rocky Mountains, California, Oregon, and the Great Basin, investigate Hungarian Inventor and Architect Erno Rubik, inventor of the The ‘Rubik’s Cube’. Discoverers Week will have an Investigative & Creation Focus to develop out of the box, critical thinking skills innovative kids need to navigate todays vast world of highly available information. Thursday Walking Field Trip to Red Morton for a Scavenger Hunt.

Ingeniums Summer Camp 2018 Week Eleven is Hearty ! Your Cook will fashion meals, snacks, shakes, recipes, shopping, nutrition guides – each Full Day* Chef will develop breakfast, lunch and dinner for sampling. - - - Cooking Week will feature an indepth Eating for Health Focus to develop thorough knowledge around how food intake choices directly affects Wellness, Weight and Mood. Kids will use farm fresh produce, humanely raised eggs and meat, preservative free foods to prepare daily choices. Food Science discussions around the dangers in institutionalized processing by chain restaurants that use chemicals to preserve food shelf life will encourage Chefs to understand the shift to Farm to Table eating, serving and truly enjoying to thrive !

Ingenium Summer Camp 2018 Week Twelve is Active ! Your Athlete will learn about judo, aikido, kenpo, kung fu, t’ai chi, sumo wrestling, jujitsu, tae kwon do and includes a morning and afternoon 30 minute lesson for campers by accomplished instructors. Martial Arts Week features a Mindfulness and Movement Focus to forge heightened awareness of thoughts, emotions and experiences. Mindfulness Practice will include imagery listening, breathing and walking exercises. Kids will foster their personal spidey sense, ripen a sense of mindful eating, learn to settle their mind like a snow globe and cultivate their own emotional weather report. Walking Field Trip on Thursday includes visiting neighboring Martial Arts Studio. Kids will learn about movie stars like Jackie Chan, belt levels, stances, vocabulary, self discipline, dojo’s, and daily conditioning for body and mind.