Summer Camp 2020 | Ingenium Enrichment

Summer Camp 2020

Ingenium Summer Camp 2020

Ingenium Summer Camp 2020 welcomes families with enrichment intensive and highly flexible camp days including extended hours from 8:30-6:30pm. Easy, complete meal plan add on. Come for one $15 hour or the entire summer – Ingenium provides enrichment kids crave and parents can depend on with a purposeful program geared toward kids 4.9-11 Many Tuesdays are Big Entertainment at Schaberg Neighborhood Library . Look for limited Junior Counselor space ages 11-14.

Summer Camp Weekly Schedule

Lunch $10 per day, $50 week, $200 month. Ingenium Kids Daily Activities include Science, Music, Light Cooking, Drama, Movement, Mindfulness, Art and more! Ingenium Enrichment is a Modern Kids Learning Center featuring Premium Enrichment programs for kids 5-12.


This week Ingenium will be encouraging a love of nature and gardening! Each day join us as we learn about different plants, flowers and healthy fruits and vegetables!

- Replanting kitchen scraps to grow herbs, veggies, and fruits
- Take home seedlings
- Designing fairy gardens

Does your child enjoy trivia and puzzles?
Each day we will be recreating and playing Ingenium’s version of classic game shows.

- Obstacle course on Friday
- Trivia, riddles, puzzles, and problem solving

Does your child love to act, sing, dance, and play? At Ingenium Lights, Camera, Action Week we will be hosting a talent show, karaoke, comedy, dance, and more!

- Talent show
- Creating props
- Choreographed dance routine

Is your child fascinated by structures and building? During Ingenium’s Architecture Week we will be building different structures, towers, and bridges with a focus on S.T.E.A.M

- Lego zip line (exploring tension, angles, and gravity)
- Creating/drawing a floor plan
- Maker space for creating unique structures/buildings/inventions

Dive into different cultures as we travel around the world-Passport given upon arrival! Each day we will explore and learn about 5 different countries.

- Each day we will create a recipe reflecting where we have travelled to
- Traditional crafts and games from around the world

Ahoy Mateys! Join us as we venture out to sea on a pirate adventure! We will be going on a treasure hunt and making our own treasure chests and stick rafts, among many other crafts, group games, and science experiments

- Treasure hunt/treasure chest making
- Parrot pets
- Cannon stomp game

Hear ye! Hear ye! Join us for fun, engaging, and exciting Medieval themed activities, games, recipes, songs, crafts, science, and more!

- Jousting with pool noodles
- Creating large castles with boxes
- Make our own trebuchet
- Create a coat of arms

Exploration! Adventure! Discovery!
If your child loves to dig for dinosaur bones and uncover ancient relics and mysteries of natures past then Archaeology Week at Ingenium is the place to be!

- Dinosaur dig in several of earths layers
- Make our own digging tools and sifter
- Ancient ice dig

Does your child have a love for the ocean? This week we will be learning about ocean life while having fun making our own ocean in a bottle, jello ocean snack, science activities, group games, crafts, and more!

- Frozen ocean animal rescue
- Ocean in a bottle
- Sharks and minnows
- Ocean slime
- Come swim my ocean

Join our spectacular 3 ring flying circus for adventure and play! Let your child explore at first hand the circus world in a fun and playful setting!

- Create our own Ingenium circus
- Create fun and silly costumes
- Carnival games
- Parachute play

Take a step back in time this week as we visit different periods through the ages! Each day we will be exploring a different time era with crafts, skits, games, recipes, and more!

- Making a time machine
- Skit to introduce each day
- Pirates, Wild West, Renaissance, etc