Monthly Participation Rate


2 Days

Each Week


3 Days

Each Week


4 Days

Each Week


5 Days

Each Week

Monthly Participation Rate

  • Flexible days can be chosen and changed.
  • Includes School Pick Up
  • Cubby/Comfort Care Kit
  • Additional care beyond plan at $15 per hour as available

Five Day Participation Benefits

All extended hours at no additional cost including the following school breaks:

  • School Breaks Fall/Thanksgiving, Winter/Holiday, Spring
  • Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King
  • All Minimum/Teacher in Service days
  • Summer Session Full Time at Five Day Participation rate (if family has had Five Day Participation for four consecutive months)
  • Above benefits are only for Five Day Participation
Drop in $15 an hour No Enrollment Fee
Friends & Siblings Welcome
ages 5-12 Full Day Drop In 8am-6:30pm
Afternoon Drop In Noon 6:30pm
20, 21, 22
2-5, 8, 15
Very First Drop In Hour FREE
Refer a Friend for another FREE Drop In Hour

Kids Night Out @
Ingenium Enrichment

Saturday, December 2 & December 16
from 6-10pm
(a full four hours for parents and kids!)

Ingenium's First Kids Night Out Movin' & Groovin' will feature a Holiday Feast with Make Your Own Sweet Treat, Movement Games, Music, Mindfulness and more

$40 for one child $60 for two

Kids 5-12 years old will find our newly remodeled
learning center an ideal Kids Night Out

  • 3000+ sq ft of Active Play Space
  • Get Up & Go - Charades, Dance and Movement Games
  • Every Age Group (send the littles and the tweens, we're ready for action)
  • Enchanted Evening with Engaging Activity Choice - far and
  • above light crafting and simply supervision
  • Dinner & Movie option
  • Leadership from community beloved Jenna & Andrew
Day Camp
Day Camp

School Break Camp

Ingenium Enrichment Camp Full & Half Days
Full Day Daily 8am-6:30pm $125
Full Day Daily 8am-6:30pm $125

Join Ingenium kids ages 5-12 for highly flexible full and half day camp sessions focused on cooking, music, reasoning, movement, theatre, art, science and mindfulness. Kids will develop kitchen skills baking, blending and whisking up edible treats along with nutrition, measurement and time and music skills practicing singing, rhythm and hand claps.

Kids will use interactive group games like logic puzzles and mystery stories to develop critical thinking, they'll optimize classic physical play like hopscotch, hula hoops, freeze tag to get the wiggles out, they'll get creative efforts underway with puppet shows and theatre games.

Each day kids will engage in highly stylized art projects, along with mindfulness skills to help cope with full and half days in a group setting. A packed lunch/healthy snacks required.

  • Nov 20-22 Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 27-29 Winter Break
  • Jan 2-5 Winter Break
  • Jan 8 - RCSD Training Day
  • Jan 15 - MLK Day
  • Feb 20 - RCSD School Holiday
  • Mar 30 - RCSD School Holiday
  • Apr 9-13 Spring Break